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With years of experience in design for the content industry, I have developed expertise in creating concepts for effective content distribution to large audiences. I have a vast experience in developing formats for web, print and mobile.
I have had the honor to serve as the chief editorial designer of Ha'aretz group, responsible for all products in all platforms (print, web and mobile). My responsibilities included creating the graphic concept characterization, navigation logic and usability of a large number of media products, focused on clarity, readability and intuitive flow. 
During my last two years in this position, I led and oversaw the redesign of sections of the printed edition, Haaretz Hebrew website and Haaretz English website and the design of TheMarker Hebrew application for iPad and the acclaimed Haaretz international English application for iPad. 
Currently I am dedicating all my time to my venture Textrayz.
Haaretz international English application for iPad

Haaretz is Israel's leading daily newspaper and the oldest daily in Hebrew. It is generally considered one of the best newspapers in the world.


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Haaretz international English Website

TheMarker application for iPad

TheMarker is the leading financial website in Israel, as well as the financial supplement of daily national newspaper Haaretz. With the philosophy that practically everything boils down to the economy,


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Haaretz Website

Haaretz and TheMarker 
Printed Edition (Covers) 
Haaretz and TheMarker Printed Edition (Double Spread) 
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