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The Steven and Beena Levy Stained Glass Window Collection by Artist Lev Gal Wertman

The Barer Family Sanctuary at Gottesman RTW Academy houses a new collection of twelve stained glass windows by Israeli artist, Lev Gal Wertman. The windows are set in the walls surrounding the sanctuary and depict the story of Creation as told in the book of Genesis in a contemporary point of view of the artist. The sanctuary was built with the stained-glass collection in mind, and the completed project ties the sanctuary to the rest of the school and its rich Jewish history.

The entire collection has been named by Steven and Beena Levy in honor of their family. The Levys have been very active in and are longtime donors of the school. They are alumni parents, past board presidents, and currently grandparents of three students at the school.

"As the late morning sun shines into the sanctuary at the Gottesman RTW Academy in Randolph, the jewel tones in the stained-glass windows glow; some of the antique panels that are embedded in the windows seem to pulse with energy as the light moves while others throw a rainbow of colors onto the surrounding casements...."

From an article about the project by Johanna Ginsberg, The New Jersey Jewish News. Click here to read the article

Project team leaders GRTW Academy: Naomi Bacharach and Beena Levy
Artist: Lev Gal Wertman
Stained Glass Artisan: Bonnie Hook, Georgia’s Stained Glass Werks
Building Architect: KSS Architects


All that He Had Made

Shabbat Queen

Let There be Light


Heaven and Earth


Fruit, Tree and Vegetation

Separate Water from Water

Birds and Land Living Creatures

Signs to Mark Sacred Times

The Great Creatures of the Sea


The Barer Family Sanctuary at Gottesman RTW Academy 

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Limited-edition of 50 fine art screen prints collection signed and numbered by artist Lev Gal Wertman
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